Here at The Spa at East of Eden we seek to instill harmony and balance between a person and Nature. The treatments and services, as wonderful as they are, are not just for beauty and pleasure. They are deeply healing with the intention of aligning the body with the proper energies and transforming the recipient giving rise to a more vital and real manifestation of spirit and self. These treatments may be modified or designed for a more suitable experience. We invite all to come and partake of our plethora of services and many wonderfully healing gifts. Our therapists are well trained and eager to serve. No problem! See you soon.

The Warm Stone Massage

There has been a long tradition of stone use since the dawn of civilization. From the Pyramids, the Sphinx and Stonehenge man and woman have had a relationship with them. Our Native Americans used heated stones in their sacred sweat lodges. Sun-heated stones (Heliotherapy) were also placed on the belly of the women to soothe them during painful menses. Heated black stones were used by the Russians to line the bottom of their bathtubs for a most delicious and luxurious bath. In the days when the West was wild, cowboys would heat their stones in the campfire and lay them on the ground underneath their blankets. Believe me, after a rough day on the range this would have been heaven on earth. From pumice stones to the infamous Pet Rock stones have been with us. In this wonderful treatment at The Spa at East of Eden Mother Earth is allowing one to rest on her for a moment while she transmits wholeness / holiness, yin and yang energies and warmth to heal, nourish and renew! You won’t want to miss this one. It truly is magical.

The Warm Stone Massage or Hot Rock Massage at The Spa at East of Eden is a favorite and beautiful treatment that deeply relaxes, mends and soothes the soul. It uses deeply penetrating heated stones to massage or manipulate the muscles releasing tension, blockage and emotional discharge through and out of our bodies. The techniques are varied and often are left to the creative and intuitive expression of the therapist. Deep pressure is exuded by the weight of the stones combined with the heat. If the sun is strong enough the stones will be left outside to be heated and energized by it. This is an ancient therapy known as Heliotherapy. The energy from the sun is absorbed by the stones and then transmitted to the receiver.

Aromatherapy Massage

The Aromatherapy Massage is a totally holistic system of healing and treatment. An ancient method of wellness, Aromatherapy has been around since the dawn of civilization and is at the top of the list on most Spa Treatments of today. The Spa at East of Eden offers their very own signature Aromatherapy Massage. A rich combination of Jamaican coconut oil (some of the finest in the world) is blended to perfection with essential oils of Lime, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Rose, Vetiver and Jamaican Ginger. A dash of Pimento is added for the heat. Combined with long, relaxing strokes that penetrate those tight congested muscles, all the stress and strain of everyday living soon becomes a distant memory. Blended under skilled hands East of Eden’s Aromatherapy Massage will definitely take you there. It is light and sedating. Its hypnotic and sensual vibe is redolent of Jamaica and her exotic fruits and spices.

Sandalwood essential oil oxygenates the pineal/pituitary gland thus improving overall attitude and body balance. Rose has an extremely high frequency of 320 MHZ. It enhances the frequency of all cells which in turn harmonizes the entire body. Vetiver is highly grounding, fights depression and works well with arthritis and helps calm the nervous system. Jasmine, “the queen of the night”, is highly seductive and uplifting. It is excellent for the skin, anxiety, stress and hopelessness. Ginger, a most powerful essential oil is known for its stimulating effects. It combats indigestion, congestion, sinusitis and endows courage. The essential oils used by The Spa at East of Eden are of the finest quality thereby insuring a true therapeutic experience. They are vital.

The Reflexology Treatment

The Reflexology session at The Spa at East of Eden is not your standard fare. Traditional reflexology is used in symphony with essential oils worked into the specific trigger points to heal and mend those corresponding organs or body parts including the brain. Hot and cold compresses infused with essential oils are applied to the calves and the knees. This action flushes the muscles and invigorates those areas.

The Warm Stone Reflexology Treatment

The Warm Stone Reflexology Treatment at East of Eden is the standard treatment bumped up quite a few notches. It adds warm stones to the treatment in a way that is sheer magic. The basalt volcanic stones are heated and placed in a natural cotton/hemp tube infused with essential oils and positioned around the neck and chest area. More heated stones are laid and tucked under the body in areas where needed such as the belly, the heart, hands and back. While all of this is going on a foot massage with the heated stones and aromatic oils is taking place. Need I say more? This treatment is delicious, delightful and delovely. You’ll never be the same.

Reflexology is based on the premise that the body’s organs and parts are connected by energy channels or meridians to trigger points on our feet. There is an estimated 7,000 nerve endings that dwell within the feet. Reflexology effects the entire body, mind and spirit.

Soleful Foot Bath

The Soleful Foot Bath at The Spa at East of Eden is a deeply relaxing and wonderfully refreshing experience. Lean back, close your eyes and immerse those much used and abused tootsies into a warm tub of herbs, oils and natural salts along with fragrant flowers grown right on the premises. Mmmh. It doesn’t get much better than this! Next comes a thorough exfoliation with the salts relieving and energizing the muscles of the legs and feet. For the finale a wonderful and soothing foot massage with essential oils of mint, rosemary, clove or spikenard. Tea is served as an extra- added attraction again grown on the premises in the beautiful healing gardens. If a body part is not operating properly it can become sluggish and cause blockages in our bodies. Crystals may gather under the skin of our feet. Soaking and massaging them breaks down these crystals and restores the flow of vital body energy or qi. Footbaths, an ancient tradition, are a powerful and restorative modality that detoxifies the whole system. Washing the feet with the flowers, another old tradition, signifies a bridge or link to nature and is a symbolic gesture of washing away bad luck.

The Chakral Attunement

Using crystals, light medicine, breathing, intuition, touch and sound this service involves the instruction, nurturing, reinforcing and clearing of the body’s “vital/ital” life force. This attunement seeks to assist in resonating the body’s own bio-energetic (electrical and energetic) systems with the ascending cosmic energies and frequencies we are facing. In this treatment the stones ,the crystals and all the other tools are chosen for their strength and ability to support and redirect if necessary ones very own DNA. They are chosen for their ability to increase and improve vibrational levels and the ability to shift gears and allow movement…..reality back into ones life. They are also sought for their ability to alter molecular structures and the ability to transmutate to higher levels. This is combined with breathing, guided imagery and a deep desire to assist the body on its ascent. These treatments are currently in the ascendant. Otherwise known as Energy Work Chakral Attunements are becoming more and more popular widely accepted on the spa scene.